Keep warm with
wood pellet heating fuel

Wood Pellet Heating Fuel

Keep warm in Winter with easy to use, clean heat pellets made from 100% Australian plantation pine waste wood chips.

Made in Australia, these pellets burn hotter for longer than fire wood, with minimal ash to clean up.

Pellets can also be used in pellet smokers, BBQs and Pizza Ovens.

Our wood pellet products are available via retail outlets and for bulk wholesale deliveries.

Packet of Heat pellet fuel packaging

Benefits of Renewable Heat Pellet Fuel:

  • Low Carbon emitter
  • Cost effective and convenient heat source
  • Easy sourcing – order anytime, available all year round, ready to use, no chopping wood, no worrying about hidden spiders
  • Easy storage in convenient compact recyclable bags
  • Eco Friendly
  • Great for our environment
  • Produced in Gippsland, Victoria from clean waste timber that was destined for landfill
  • Reduces smoke emission
  • Sustainable and clean
  • Available in 15kg bags

Please note – recommended best use of this product is in specifically designed pellet heaters.

Analysis Of RWP’s Biomass Heat Pellets: (HRL Technology)

  • Ash Yield % (db)  |  0.28
  • Total Moisture - Moisture % (ar)  |  8.6
  • Hydrogen Content - Hydrogen % (db)  |  6.1
  • Bulk Density - Bulk Density kg/m3  |  630
  • Calorific Value (CV) at constant volume
    Gross Dry Calorific Value, MJ/kg (db)  |  20.4
    Gross Wet Calorific Value, MJ/kg (ar)  |  18.6
    Net Wet Calorific Value, MJ/kg (ar)  |  17.3
  • Total Sulphur - Sulphur % (db)  |  0.01
Pile of wood pellets on white background

Where to buy our Heat Pellet Fuel:

Cranbourne  |  Climatise, Factory 1, 57-50 Cameron Street Cranbourne

Mansfield   |  Euro Fireplaces, Shop 4, 165 Mt Buller Road Mansfield

Pakenham   |  My Fireplaces Australia, 20 Auto Way Pakenham

Sale  |  Sale Heating & Leisure, 13 Foster Street Sale

Traralgon  |  BBQ’s Galore, 309 Princes Hwy Traralgon
Traralgon  |  Traralgon Heating & Leisure, 118 Argyle Street Traralgon

Warragul  |  Cosy Heaters, 26 Normanby Street Warragul

Wonthaggi  |  Wheel Heat, 323A White Road Wonthaggi

For retail enquires outside these areas please contact us >